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2nd Athens Biennale 2009


15 June – 4 October 2009

Preview Days:
June 13th & 14th 2009

Curators: DIMITRIS PAPAIOANNOU & ZAFOS XAGORARIS               Chus Martinez

Cay Sophie Rabinowitz                                      ?PADJA ARGYROPOULOU

Diana Baldon                                                        CHRISTOPHER MARINOS

Artistic Directors:

Exhibition Design:
?D?hdreas angelidakis

The 2nd Athens Biennale 2009 will take place from June 15th to October 4th 2009. The exhibitions and events of the biennial will unfold along the coastline of Palaio Faliro in various buildings as well as public spaces.

The 2nd Athens Biennale 2009 HEAVEN is designed as a large-scale, multi-faceted contemporary art event, with several exhibitions, actions, music and theatre performances, film screenings, symposiums, etc, with the participation of more than 100 international artists. Artistic directors XYZ (Xenia Kalpaktsoglou, Poka-Yio, Augustine Zenakos), who previously curated the 1st Athens Biennale 2007 DESTROY ATHENS, invited an eclectic group of curators to contemplate the subject of Heaven. Heaven as a wide topic touches upon notions such as lost innocence, nature and ecology, utopias and ideal communities. From this premise, a creative dialogue begins, which will reflect upon the theme itself as well as the methodology surrounding large-scale periodical exhibitions. The diverse approaches of the 2nd Athens Biennale 2009 team of curators will retain their autonomy, while interconnecting creatively and claiming a narrative cohesion.

As one of the curators invited to contemplate the subject of Heaven, Cay Sophie Rabinowitz oriented her approach to this immeasurably broad topic by naming her exhibition Splendid Isolation, Athens. Guided by an immersive approach rather than a topical or thematic one, her selection and presentation let the viewer ponder if and how creative activity, social practices, and aesthetic experience may be directed. Splendid Isolation, Athens includes a number of art works that employ some formal or structural principle, whether it be as rigid as scaffolding, as symbolic as a monetary exchange, as modular as blocks, or as flexible as narrative. For many artists in the show, some existent form—be it physical or immaterial, biographical or contrived, religious or scientific—offers a means by which to re-consider, re-form, re-imagine or even re-structure a momentary or lifelong place of inspiration.
Splendid Isolation artists: Lara Almarcegui, Anastasia Douka, Michael Gibson, Benita-Immanuel Grosser, Hsuan Hsuan Wu, Em Kei, Kalup Linzy, Miltos Manetas, Ryan McNamara, Malcolm McLaren, Martin Oppel, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Mai-Thu Perret, Angelo Plessas, Ry Rocklen, Willem de Rooij, Ettore Sottsass, Adrian Williams.

For more information: +30 210 5232222, +30 210 5232232 & <>






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  • Congratulations to your Sis. Very proud of her!! Wish her the best...
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    Get her pieces now. It will become priceless in the future~^+++^

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  • 好棒唷~~~妹妹好棒唷~~~恭喜恭喜~~~
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  • Zoan
  • wow~~Cool~~
    Conget and Proud of her too.
    Really~~she is awesome
  • 我相信她會很開心

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